ZEISS Lenses and MORE for sale

Award winning Cinematographer is selling his personal gear. All pieces are in great working condition and come with a 7-day money back guarantee (excluding shipping and insurance).

Questions? Offers? Contact Rick at rpdp@cox.net



Zeiss 11-110mm T2.2 PL mount Super16 lens w/Heden motor mount $3750

Zeiss T1.3 PL mount Mk2 Superspeed lens set: 9.5, 12, 16, 25, 50mm $4400

Zeiss 2x PL mount Super16 Extender $350

Zeiss 10-100mm T*2 Mk2 B mount 16mm lens w/Heden motor mount $1100

Zeiss 8mmT2.1 B mount lens $375


16x9 MFT to PL mount adapter w/15mm Rod Support Bracket $425

Wooden Camera MFT to PL mount PRO adapter $395

B to PL mount adapter $45



Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera $475

2 batteries, charger, AC adapter, Varavon cage


Arriflex SR3 Super16 package $1995 SOLD

SR3 Body with upgraded gate (chrome guides and sapphire rollers)

Closure Eyepiece

3 - 400' magazines

Arri color video tap

Arri AFP2 Flicker Free Unit

10" Extension Eyepiece with leveling rod

3 on-board batteries (need to be re-celled)

Heated Eyepiece

Arri fiber optic screen 1.85/Super16

Arri SR3 Sliding base plate w/dovetail plate


Arriflex SR1 16mm package $1250

Closure Eyepiece

3 - 400' SR magazines

Arri Extension Eyepiece

Long Valley DeWalt battery adapter



Alphatron EVF-035W-3G w/2 lenses (has a small burn mark on lcd) $450

Nebula 4000 (brand new - never used on a shoot) $275

Beachtek DXA-Pocket Compact Audio Adapter (like new) $90

Chroszeil 15mm Rod Adapter #401-12 $50

Arri LS-10 Lens Support for 15mm rods $50

Kata OMB-75 Medium Bag w/dolly $90